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Septic tank baffles help wastewater flow smoothly throughout the septic system. Baffles are installed on the inlet and outlet portions of the septic tank. Though equally important, they serve different purposes in aiding the functionality of a septic system.


inlet and outlet baffles on a septic tank

Inlet and Outlet Baffles

The inlet baffle is designed to guide wastewater in a longer path across the septic tank. This allows more time for the waste to separate into scum, effluent and sludge. Also, the inlet baffle helps wastewater flow smoothly into the tank without disturbing the scum layer. Without an inlet baffle, toilet tissue and other solids entering the tank could pile up on the floating scum layer, which can cause a blockage and ultimately redirect sewage back into the home.

The outlet baffle forms a barrier around the pipe leaving the septic tank to prevent floating grease and other solids from reaching the outlet pipe. If this baffle is missing or malfunctioning, all floating grease and solids will flow out of the tank. These materials will then enter the pipes and leaching system. This could cause the septic system to prematurely fail.

When to Replace a Baffle

New baffles should always be installed if one is missing at the inlet or outlet end of the tank. This will prevent clogging at the inlet or damage to the leaching system from grease and solids passing through an unprotected outlet pipe.

Additionally, deterioration from normal use and corrosive gases in the tank break down the baffles over time. Concrete baffles typically break down much faster than plastic baffles. When existing baffles are deteriorated to a condition that no longer provides protection at the inlet or outlet side of the tank, the baffles should be repaired or replaced.


Baffle Repairs


skips wastewater service baffle repair


skips wastewater baffle replacement PVC-T

We recommend replacing deteriorated or missing baffles with PVC-T (plastic) baffles. The new baffle(s) are connected to the existing lines coming in or out of the tank. This is a relatively inexpensive repair that can help prevent a costly system failure down the road!

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