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Septic care is extremely important. As shown in the chart below, there are many steps you can take to care of your system. However, regular maintenance is one of the best steps you can take to assist in prolonging the life of your system.

How your System Works

A septic tank is a component in your septic system that holds the broken-down solids from your home. The liquids in your tank move to the leaching system, which purifies the water before it returns to the ground. If the solids in the tank are not removed, they will build up to a level that is unsafe for the system.

Why Pumpouts are Crucial

If not removed, the solids will eventually get high enough to flow into the leach fields. The solids will then plug up the stone and soil in the fields, leading to a premature system failure. An overabundance of solids can also cause sewage to back up into the house.

Oftentimes, materials that cannot breakdown properly end up in the septic tank. These items include grease, napkins, feminine products, diapers, and more. If there is an overabundance of these materials in the tank, the risk of your system backing-up increases. During a pumpout, we will relieve your septic tank of the solids that are unable to naturally breakdown.

This problem can be avoidable by having your tank pumped regularly. The intervals at which tanks should be pumped differ from property to property. It is dependent on a few variables, including the number of household occupants and the size and age of the system. However, the average recommendation is to pump out the tank every 1 to 2 years.


diagram of septic tank effluent liquid scum sludgelayers

As solids, or sludge, accumulate, they get closer to the inlet and outlet pipes. If the solids get high enough, they can start exiting the tank.

Besides removing the solids from your tank, septic pumpings can potentially uncover obvious issues the system may be having. These issues may include broken baffles or filters, the condition of the tank, or water backflowing from the leaching system.

There are many steps you should follow regularly to assist in prolonging the life of your system. We have outlined them in the chart below. Feel free to print out this image to put somewhere in your home where all household members can see it!

septic system maintenance care pumping pumpout tank
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