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Learning about how septic systems work is important if you are a first-time homeowner of a property with a septic system, or someone who does not know much about their septic system. A septic system has various components that help to filter your sewage. The basic idea of how it works is that a pipe from your house goes into a tank. The tank then uses science to organically filter the sewage. The filtered sewage then goes into the leaching field, which uses rocks and soil to filter fresh water back into the ground. All thanks to science, your house can filter out sewage!

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Along with having a septic system, it is important to get it serviced regularly. This ensures that your system will work longer, and keep working efficiently. On average it is important to pump your system once every two years. Besides pumping, there are various other things to consider about how you can make your system last longer. Such as, do not drive vehicles over the system, avoid putting harsh chemicals down your drains or toilets, and do not plant trees near your septic system because it can cause root intrusions.

Skips Wastewater can help with your septic needs. From pumping your system, to repairing it. Skips does it all. With over sixty years of experience, let the professionals handle your septic needs. Have questions, just call, our lovely call center has the answers. We have a twenty-four-hour emergency service to make sure you are top priority. At Skips we are just a hop Skip, and a call away!

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