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Septic tanks are a critical component of a septic system. When a septic tank needs replacing, it is for good reason. Septic tanks perform a critical first step in the treatment of sewage within a septic system. A malfunctioning tank can interfere with these processes, causing a risk for tank failure as well as other components in the system.

Unfortunately, septic tanks do not last forever. The septic tank on your property, whether it be in 5 years of 50 years, will need replacing at some point. There are two main reasons why a tank would need replacing:

Undersized Tanks

Septic tanks allow solids to naturally separate from the liquid waste leaving the house. After separation, the liquid, called effluent, moves to the leaching system. This is not an instantaneous process and the materials need time to settle. An undersized tank does not have the volume to receive new liquid, hold solids and allow for effective separation all at once. This raises the risk for backups into the home or in the leaching system.

Damaged or Deteriorated Tanks

Septic tanks that are damaged or deteriorated should be replaced. Leaks in the tank can cause sewage to enter the water tables. This is never a good scenario and can cause harm to the surrounding environment. Structural problems such as cracked or deteriorated concrete tank components, rusted steel tanks or wooden tank covers pose a real risk of septic tank collapse.


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Identifying a Tank Needing Replacement

Sometimes, it might be difficult in telling when a septic tank needs replacement. Without a closer look, a failing septic tank could appear operable. However, if a failing tank remains in use, it could cause issues for the rest of your system. An inefficient tank or baffles can put stress on the rest of the system which could possibly lead to system failure.

Septic Inspection

Scheduling a septic inspection can give you a quick and definite answer if your tank needs replacement. At Skips, we stress the importance of having your tank pumped during the septic inspection. This allows the inspector to examine the walls and sides of the tanks, ensuring there are no cracks or holes.

Frequent Maintenance

If you find yourself needing to service your system more often, your tank might need replacement. As stated earlier, a septic tank is the starting place for many critical processes. If the tank is malfunctioning, the effects can be seen in other parts of the system. Some of the damage caused by malfunctioning tanks include clogged pipes, backups, or a need for more frequent pumpings.

Replacing A Septic Tank

Luckily, septic tank replacement can typically be completed in one working day. Minimum tank sizes begin at 1000 gallons for houses with up to three bedrooms, with larger tanks required as the bedroom numbers increase. There are options for both plastic and concrete septic tanks. Our project managers will assist in determining what size and type of tank it best for your property’s needs.

Although septic tank and system replacement is inevitable, there are many ways to prolong the life of your septic tank and system to help it last many years into the future. Septic tank replacements are much more affordable than replacing a whole septic system. If you suspect your tank may need replacing, contact Skips today!

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