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Happy Earth Day from Skips Wastewater Services!

The health of our planet is not only important to us on Earth Day, but every day at Skips Wastewater Services. The nature of our work is to solve problems that keep our neighborhoods and towns clean and safe. Septic systems eliminate waste, purify water, and naturally replenish water tables. We work hard to educate our customers and septic system owners across the State of Connecticut on the importance of proper septic system care.

We must all do our part to keep septic systems working properly to keep our environment safe. A poorly functioning system can cause harm to the surrounding environment. Specifically, it can contaminate surrounding groundwater, causing health concerns for people and animals. It is largely up to you, as a septic system owner, to make sure your tank continues to function properly.  

Make sure you follow these simple steps below, so you and your septic system have a positive impact on the environment!

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Regular Maintenance

The simplest way to make sure your system is functioning properly is to perform routine maintenance. Depending on your property and size of the tank, we recommend a pumpout every 1-3 years. Along with relieving your system of accumulated solids, our pumping technicians can often identify any obvious issues present in the system. Contact us today if you are unsure of the frequency with which your tank should be pumped.

Conscious of Water Use

Overloading your septic system can result in backups into the home or yard. Make sure all household occupants are conscious of water consumption. This means spacing out laundry cycles, avoidance of running water for lengthy periods of time, and checking for leaky fixtures in the home. Lowering water consumption not only helps your septic tank, but can help reduce your water bill, too!

Beware of Chemicals

Putting unnatural compounds, such as water treatment discharge, septic system additives and cleaning chemicals, can lead to premature system failure. The compounds create imbalances in naturally occurring bacteria in the tank that break down solids. Excessive quantities of unnatural compounds will slow the process of solids breaking down in the tank. The slower breakdown process allows solids to accumulate faster than normal, potentially causing clogs, backups, or system failure.

Foreign Materials

Limit the use of your garbage disposal and avoid pouring grease, fats, and solids down the drain. The same goes with your toilet – do not flush diapers, wipes, or other items meant for a trash can down the toilet. These materials are not biodegradable and will sit in your tank until removed.

Following these simple steps can assist in prolonging the life of your septic system, and impact the environment in a positive manner. Join us in celebrating and protecting the earth today, and every day, with Skips!

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