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The composition of the soil beneath us varies greatly by state, by town, and even from your next-door neighbor’s. Properties have different types of soils, water table levels, different amounts and types of rock, and sometimes even trash buried beneath it. It is crucial to understand what type of soil a property has before a septic system can be installed. Soil tests give us key information to determine where and how deep the septic system can be placed, and the overall size.

Soil testing is a required step before designing and installing a septic system. In fact, it is often required for other home-improvement projects, such as adding a pool, an addition, a garage, a deck, or a shed.

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To start the soil testing process, Skips will contact the Health Department to set up a day and time. A sanitarian from your local Heath Department and one of our project managers visit your property on the date of your scheduled appointment. Upon arrival, two to three 6 – 8-foot-deep pits are dug with a mini excavator on various parts of the property. The soil is then examined in each of these pits to check for soil types and consistency. Additionally, a percolation test completed. This test consists of pouring water into a small hole and seeing how quickly it drains. Since Skips is onsite with the health department during this process, we can help give you an idea of your soil types as we uncover them.

The Health Department will then complete a soil evaluation form which identifies the soil conditions in each test pit and also the results of the percolation test. At this point, we will be able to come up with the most efficient design  for a septic system that will treat your sewage safely and effectively. Taking this step protects our surface water and ground water from becoming contaminated and provides you with a functioning, onsite, subsurface sewage disposal system that should last for many years.

To schedule a test, contact us today. We will correspond with your local health department and schedule your tests on the soonest available date.

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