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Septic tank cleaning for any size tank
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Having your septic tank pumped and cleaned is like getting the oil in your car changed: Regular and frequent maintenance ensures proper performance and prolongs the life of your system. We offer septic tank cleaning on any size tank, commercial or residential.


  • Determining the size and type of septic tank and its distance below the ground surface.
  • Inspecting both the inlet and outlet baffles for deterioration.
  • Measuring the liquid level in the tank. The measurement is taken from the top of the liquid to the septic tank ceiling. This ensures that the leachfield is absorbing the liquid from the tank.
  • Checking for cracks or holes to determine the structural integrity of the tank.
  • Pumping of all liquid and solids out of the septic tank and into our pump truck for disposal.
  • Running a small amount of water inside the home to ensure the piping to the tank is working properly.
  • Completing a septic pumping report, which includes findings, test results, and a map with measurements to the septic tank for future reference

Our employees are trained to follow specific guidelines. Starting with the pre-service greeting, a clean, uniformed technician will come to the front door to introduce himself and brief the homeowner on the process. Our pump truck remains in the driveway or on the road during the pumping process – we will not disturb your yard with our vehicles. Each truck carries over 250 feet of hose so that tank can be reached without having to back onto a lawn. Once the septic tank has been located, the sod is carefully removed and placed aside. An access hole to the tank is then dug, and the cover is exposed. Once the processes outlined above have been completed, the dirt is backfilled and the sod replaced. The pumper’s report is completed and left with the homeowner.