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Our septic inspection is performed using our fiber-optic septic camera. Starting at the level of the septic tank, the camera is sent down through the pipes and then into the leachfield. This allows us to see current liquid levels as well as previous water marks, which give a more complete picture of septic system function ov er time. These findings can then be viewed on the camera monitor. Other septic components are also thoroughly inspected, including the plumbing leaving the foundation, the septic tank itself, the distribution box, and the leach fields. These components are mapped and measured so that the homeowners know their exact locations in the yard. Once we have inspected the septic system, we give a presentation to the customer about the system. The customer is then able to view the septic system as well as ask questions about it on the spot.   A septic inspection report is then typed and emailed to the customer. Click to see a sample of our inspection report.



The benefit of using a fiber optic camera is the ability to view the insides of the septic system. This allows us to identify important inner-workings of the system, such as current and previous liquid levels, condition of the pipes, and types of materials used in construction. Many companies will instead conduct a flow-test to inspect the septic system. This test consists of continuously running water through the system and into the leachfield. If the water drains, the test passes, if it Septic System Inspectiondoes not drain, it fails. This test is invalid for many reasons. A flow test cannot tell you where the system is located, what it consists of, and most importantly, it cannot determine the current and past liquid levels. These components give us important information about the future of the septic system. Also, should a system fail, a flow test is unable to determine the cause. Is there simply a broken pipe not allowing the liquid to flow through to the leach field? Is the distribution box broken and causing a backup? These are all questions that our comprehensive inspection will be able to answer right away.