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In March of 1958 Peter Skipper purchased a small septic business from Sherwood Downes of Ellington CT which consisted of a 1941 Ford Tank Truck and just a handful of customers. Peter and his wife Dolores were raising 7 children, running a small farm, and building the company one customer at a time. During the 1960’s Skips expanded from just one pump truck to a bulldozer, backhoe, and dump truck which allowed them to pump septic tanks and repair them.

Throughout the 1970’s, Tolland County began to grow, as did Skips Septic. In 1978 the company was sold to Peter’s son in laws Don Flint and Tom Walker. From that point Skips continued to grow by adding full time office staff and acquiring another pump truck to their fleet. Skips had also accumulated a variety of equipment including backhoes and excavators. In 2005, Tom Walker became the sole owner of Skips and by 2010 the company had grown to 15 full time employees, 5 pump trucks, and nearly 20,000 customers. Skips Septic serviced mainly areas in Tolland County and focused on pumping septic tanks and doing a small amount of septic repair and installations.

Wastewater Services Inc. was started in 2005 by Peter Skipper’s grandson, Andrew Coleman. Having worked for his uncles at Skips Septic since high school, Andrew became familiar with septic business. Wastewater Services Inc. focused primarily on the installation and repairs of septic systems. Wastewater Services also expanded beyond Tolland County and offered statewide service which helped the company grow. By 2012, Wastewater Services had nearly 4,000 customers and was installing close to 100 septic systems per year. In April of 2014, Wastewater Services, Inc. purchased Skips Septic and the two companies became Skips Wastewater Services.