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Have you ever noticed a melted snow spot over where you septic tank or field is and wondered if this a normal or a sign of a potential issue?

Possible Scenarios

While snowmelt over your tank or field is not necessarily a sign of a problem, it should be checked out to make sure it’s normal.  Your septic tank is nestled underground and fills with water waste from your home.  The process of breaking down and decomposing waste will generate some heat, which is why you may see the snow melt on the ground located above the septic tank.

Don’t Take Chances

To be safe, make sure to check the areas in and around the leach field and septic tank area for any odors or extremely soft ground.  If you don’t find either to be the case and the drains and toilets within the home are working, the snowmelt is most likely normal.  However, if you do in fact find mushy areas or smell a foul odor along with sluggish or backed up drains and toilets, you should have your septic tank system inspected to be safe or possibly prevent any further damage to a  current septic system issue.

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